High paying part time jobs for highschool students

high paying part time jobs for highschool students

is crucial. What kind of job, if any, free online cv generator did you have in high school? You have to really enjoy helping others learn, in order to be a tutor, however. What youd make:.24 per hour Find lifeguard jobs on Monster. Babysitters usually work Friday and Saturday evenings, leaving the week open for completing homework and participating in school-related activities. What youd make:.24 per hour Find retail sales specialist jobs on Monster. Doing lawn care can be hot, boring, and buggy work, but making your schedule, choosing your clients, being outdoors, and setting your own rates makes running a lawn care service the ideal part - time business. Valet parking What youd do: Whether its at a restaurant, hotel, or elsewhere, valets park cars for guests as they arrive, and return the cars to guests when theyre ready to leave. Just ask David Karp, founder of Tumbler. What youd need: On-the-job training is common, but youll need a friendly disposition and plenty of stamina. Part time coders for a software company, part time teacher at a high school or college, part time nurse at a hospital or nursing home. Michaeljung/m, for this list, we have taken suggestions from. What youd make: 11 per hour Find newspaper carrier jobs on Monster. A simple flyer, with a list of services you can provide, can be passed out to the neighbors. What youd make:.80 per hour Find swim instructor jobs on Monster. Check out this sample cover letter for a barista.

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high paying part time jobs for highschool students 533
High paying part time jobs for highschool students 635
Business continuity planning software open source In addition, you will have to pay for supplies, and pay rental fees for booth or table space at fairs and festivals. What youd need: Job responsibilities can vary, but the ability to multitask and good customer service are staples. Lifeguard What youd do: The name says it high paying part time jobs for highschool students allyoull be keeping watch over the pool, the lake, or the ocean to make sure everyone is staying safe and out of dangers way. After all, almost every entrepreneur needs a website.
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  2. What youd do: For high schoolers, personal assistant jobs usually take the shape of helping out a local business doing part-time administrative work for one of the organizations leaders. Personal assistants can also act as helpers for the elderly, doing everything from running errands to yard work. Though you may have to be strategic in order to find part-time jobs that appeal to you, its totally doable. And were giving you a head start.
  3. These high paying jobs for college students actually pay a decent wage and most have flexible hours or are part-time jobs,. However, there are plenty of jobs you are qualified for that pay rather well. Both part-time and full-time jobs are available for people of all abilities. Summer Jobs Opportunities for High School Students.
  4. I mowed lawns during the summer in high school and I was paid well for my efforts. In aerospace, salaries range from 22 per hour for a data entry clerk to 75 per hour or more for an engineer. Babysitters have to be on their best behavior if they ever want to be hired again.


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Read on to find out which jobs youre better online communication strategy off spending your time with! Let the adults in your life know that youre providing personal assistant services at a reasonable price. You must also be in good shape to keep up with the players.

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